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Invasive Species Control Recommendations[1]
Black locust
5% Transline with water for cut surface or with Bark         Oil LT for basal bark
50-50 with Krenite S with water for cut stump
2% Krenite solution for foliar
24 oz Transline per 50 gallon water for foliar
7oz Milestone VM per 50 gallons water for foliar
3% Milestone VM with water for cut surface or with Bark Oil LT for basal bark
20% Garlon 4 Ultra-basal for cut surface
2% Garlon - foliar
Basal/cut stump:
 Garlon 4 Ultra 15-20% + Bark Oil
Pathfinder ll (ready to use Garlon 4 at 18% with soybean oil)
Garlon 4 Ultra @ 2 % or Garlon 3A @ 3% with
water and surfactant, spray to thoroughly wet
        Escort-2 oz in 50 gallons of water with surfactant
Chinese / Siberian Elm
7oz/ac Milestone VM
1.5oz/ac Escort XP
Canada & other thistle
2.5-3.3 oz Opensight
7 oz/ac Milestone or .5% solution
16 oz/ac Transline
1.5 qt/ac. of Clearcast
Crown & Cow Vetch
1 pint/ac Transline
7 oz/ac Milestone VM
1 oz/ac Escort XP
 Garlic mustard
3% Glyphosate (Accord XRT II)
3% DMA 4
1 oz of Oust XP per acre
2-3% Garlon
Giant Hogweed
1.5oz/ac Escort XP
2.5% Garlon 3A
1 pt Transline
7 oz Milestone VM
1 oz Escort XP
Japanese Barberry
2 oz/ac Escort XP
2-3% Garlon
Japanese knotweed (Japanese Bamboo)
1% Arsenal* or Habitat***
1% Tordon 101
Leafy spurge
1.5 qt/ac Tordon K**** with 6 oz Overdrive
12 oz/ac Plateau w/ Methylated Seed Oil (fall application only)
Tordon K**** @ 1pt/ac + Plateau @ 4 oz/ac + 2,4-D @1 qt/ac
Poison Ivy
1-2% Garlon
Prickly ash
20% Garlon 4 Ultra for basal bark
1-2% Garlon for foliar
Purple Loosestrife
2% Garlon 3A *
2% Renovate **
Reed canary grass
12 oz/ac Plateau
2 oz/ac Oust XP
32 oz/ac Journey
1% Intensity                                
Spotted knapweed
2.0-2.5 oz Opensight
2/3 pint/ac Transline
5 oz Milestone VM or .25% solution
2% DMA 4
Tordon RTU for cut surface
1-2% Garlon
7oz Milestone VM per 50 gallons water for foliar
Sweet Clover
2/3 pt/ac Transline
5 oz/ac Milestone VM
1 oz/ac Escort XP
St. John’s-wort
1oz/ac Escort XP
1 oz/ac Escort XP
Wild parsnip
½ -1 oz Escort XP
 **** Tordon K is a Restricted Use Pesticide: Must be a licensed pesticide applicator.
Transline, Garlon, Milestone, Accord, Renovate, Tordon are registered trademarks of Dow AgroSciences
Plateau, Arsenal, Habitat, Overdrive are registered trademarks of BASF
[1] All products or rates recommended by Territory Managers from CPS Timberland and Lee Shambeau. Other rates or products are possible to use on these species. Read and follow all label instructions.

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